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Frequently Asked Questions
Q-Does one have to be a member of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries to be enrolled by the University?

A-ZEGU though a Christian University and a subsidiary of Forward In Faith Ministries does not require that one be a member of the church or be a Christian to be offered a place to study. All people from different religious backgrounds are free to apply and study.

Q-Does ZEGU mandate all staff members to pay tithes off their salaries?

A-ZEGU enrolls members of staff from different religious backgrounds and churches. Every member of staff is free to pay or not pay their tithe to whichever church denomination they desire.

Q-Is it mandatory for all students and staff to attend ZAOGA church services?

A-No, Every student and member of staff is free to attend or not attend church services in any denomination of their choice. It is however mandatory that students should attend University morning devotions for their spiritual uplifting. ZEGU stands to develop a Total Person.