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He holds an MSc Strategic Management degree (CUT); BSc (Special Honours) Biochemistry (Hull University; UK); Diploma in Manufacturing Management (SA); Diploma in Biblical Studies (AMFCC). Mr Zunguze has held various managerial positions in the manufacturing sector. He also has served as a missionary in India and has been involved in pastoral, family and marriage ministry.


To create a conducive environment for equipping and developing a student academically, socially and spiritually to be a competent, confident, responsible and productive citizen with global relevance.


We exist to contribute to the development of a total person through generation and implementation of responsive and dynamic initiatives and strategies which address the academic, social and spiritual issues which affect the equipping and development of a student.



- Admission at ZEGU is a privilege, not a right and may be withheld or withdrawn by the University when a student's presence is deemed detrimental to the basic values, mission, and functions of the University in general.

- ZEGU is a Pentecostal Christian Institution with high and dynamic spiritual values. ZEGU seeks to foster and maintain an atmosphere conducive to a growing fellowship with Jesus Christ. Prayer, faith, and obedience to the word of God are tools which every student should use to attain his or her goals in life. Therefore, for students to develop their faith, prayer life and knowledge of God, all students are required to attend to all the spiritual activities at ZEGU. These include morning devotions, services and prayers. However, students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by spending time in Bible study, meditation, and prayer.

- The student therefore undertakes to be bound by the spiritual life principles followed by the University namely attending morning devotions, attending spiritual programmes organized by the University from time to time.



- Our Campus life philosophy is about establishing conducive students’ spaces that enhance living, learning and social communities that optimise student development. This is premised on the broader aim of fostering in students the spirit of social responsibility, community consciousness and balanced development of all human potentialities in students.

- Our student spaces are designed to facilitate the nurturing of students into full grown, mature and responsible global citizens. Our students spaces are an entire institutional ecosystems, which include student residences on and off-campus, and are intentionally and strategically structured to maximise optimum student development; i.e., engendering social, moral, spiritual, physical and intellectual growth of students. Hard and soft skills such as ICT proficiency, communication skills, emotional intelligence, business networking skills, problem solving, conflict management, leadership skills and entrepreneurships skills development are integral aspects of student development and support in all student spaces.

- Student diet, student health, aesthetical values and etiquette are also be at the core of our service provision.



- ZEGU encourages students to develop a lasting philosophy of good dressing and grooming. Acceptable dress code will vary from one occasion to another.

- Lecturers can bar students from attending lectures if they are not dressed appropriately.

- Select and wear clothing which gives dignity and an expression of our God given ability to appreciate beauty, creativity, harmony, and good taste.



Clubs and non-religious (whether internal or external) organizations are allowed to operate if they are formed or recognized in consultation with the university authorities provided they are not affiliated to any political party or are involved in party politics.



- There is Student Handbook that guides students in the academic and social life at the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU). It highlights the vision and values of the university and the expectations and limitations within which students are to operate.

- The Handbook can be acceded on the university website and on individual student portals. Please make sure you take time to read the Handbook.



- As in any other university students are bombarded with numerous problems such as lack of finances, broken relationships, sickness, and failure to cope with school work, addiction or peer pressure.

- A student in this mental state cannot learn properly. It is the responsibility of Students Affairs Department to ensure that students receive the best counselling, therapeutic and advisory services in order to cope up with pressure. A Clinical Psychologist can be called upon if need be.



- Students are issued with medical aid cards at registration. This is a statutory requirement. Bonvie is the medical aid provider for students at ZEGU.




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