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Health Services


- ZEGU CLINIC is located within main ZEGU campus grounds. Mbuya Dorcas Hospital and ZEGU jointly operate this top notch health institution that is delivering “advanced care” typically available inside the hospital. With its cutting-edge quality highly skilled personnel this partnership will bring world class healthcare standard to the clinic at ZEGU.

- ZEGU Clinic was established for the purpose of providing excellent health care service to students through a holistic approach to medical care. The Clinic offers Primary Health Care, Counselling, Health Information, Ambulance, Emergency facilities and referral to specialist services when need arises. The main aim is to have a healthy student during the stay through the provision of world-class care through dedicated team of health Professionals. The Clinic which currently has a visiting Doctor every fortnight, headed by Matron and Registered General Nurses, has a mandate to deliver quality healthcare services and facilities which have modern equipment and highly qualified health personnel.

- “Our thrust and drive is to provide advanced care, which cover comprehensive and restorative health care services including infusions, skilled nursing, medications, laboratory and imaging services, behavioural health, through its nurses and an ecosystem of skill staff members”, said Clinic Matron, Ms L. Kanera. The partnership comes as the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital escalate its efforts to create accessible healthcare services for students at ZEGU making sure healthcare is delivered in the right place, at the right time

and in the right amount. Such efforts are also aided by the desire to fight the cases of the coronavirus strain Covid-19 which has threatened the flow of education across the country and such efforts will create a healthy learning environment for students and the community at large.

- Partnering with ZEGU enhanced MDH a golden opportunity to improve visibility and reaching out to tertiary industry and global village at large. “Shift advanced medical care to patients. And offers “an integrated health support that can be director by Mayo doctors. “The work we will be doing together in this model will have a profound impact on how we all look at how students access of medical care,”

ZEGU Clinic provides appropriate health care services which satisfy the needs of students by doing the following activities:

- Health promotion activities to equip students to make the right health decisions

- Disease prevention programs and training done to prevent disease occurrence

- Health Education activities to sensitize the University community on health trends,

health advocacy and encouraging them on having regular medical examinations

- Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and maintaining

the guidelines provided.



- Outpatient services for both acute and chronic problems

- Counselling – (Psychosocial counselling as well as HIV counselling and testing


- Family Planning and other Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

- Referrals for specialist care and other support services.

- Dispensing of drugs

- Ambulance and Emergency facilities

- Health Information




- Mental health issues and Substance Abuse i.e. alcohol, drugs

- Family planning

- Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infection

- Personal Hygiene

- Nutrition and diet

- OI/ART counselling



- All registered students have access to health services

- Medical cover contribution shall be mandatory to all convectional students.

- Students to produce a student identification card and a valid medical aid card upon

seeking medical care



- Students are issued with medical aid cards at registration. This is a statutory requirement. Bonvie is the medical aid provider for students at ZEGU.