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The Chaplaincy Department is run by a Chaplain who is assisted by a Deputy Chaplain and Campus Spiritual Life Committee (CSLC) a committee consisting of students, staff (both teaching and non-teaching) The CSLC together with the Chaplaincy plans, organise and oversee spiritual activities on campus for both students and staff such as morning devotions, revival festivals and programs of training Christian groups’ oversees activities of all Christians groups on campus who report to the Chaplaincy.

For organising and running of Campus Sunday church services (ZEGU Brook Assembly services) the Chaplaincy is assisted by the Sunday Service Committee consisting of elders, deacons and students and the Assembly Finance Committee, that runs the assembly finances



To produce born again, spirit filled and God-fearing professionals, full of the word of God with the values of Unhu/Ubuntu, who are able to impact the nation and the world for Christ.



The Chaplaincy serves to minister effectively to the spiritual and social needs of the university community by accompanying individual staff members and their families and students in their faith journeys towards spiritual maturity and fulfilment of their God ordained purpose, through its unique role of providing bible based spiritual guidance, counselling, offering prayers, teaching of the word of God, and other pastoral care systems to the ZEGU community.



The Chaplain’s services seek to encourage and instil a spirit of love, faith, honesty, accountability, respect (for all), participation, self-discipline, hard work and striving for excellence and full commitment to God in both students and staff



The Chaplaincy Department serves as the Department in the university system mandated with the divine responsibility of ensuring that the purpose of ZEGU as stated in the University Prayer and University Preamble, of producing born again, spirit filled and God fearing professional is achieved and that the spiritual and moral fabric of the university is developed and maintained for the greater glory of God through:

- Planning and monitoring the conducting of separate weekly morning devotions for staff and students

- Overseeing and coordinating activities of Christian groups on campus

- Assisting in the planning and running of Sunday church services for the ZEGU community.

- Assisting in the planning and coordinating of special spiritual events such as Revival Festivals, Worship Nights and Fellowships for boys, girls and couples on campus.

- Ministering to the spiritual needs of the entire university community (students and staff and their families) during church services, celebrations and in times of trauma, indecision, sickness, bereavement or distress.

- Coordinating and officiating at special ceremonies such as honouring the ending of life or moments of marriage covenant (weddings).

- Facilitating and coordinating spiritual activities that will contribute to wholeness relationships, create an atmosphere of religious tolerance and cooperation among the diverse Christian backgrounds of members of the campus community

- Promoting Christian nature and spiritual life within the specific beliefs and backgrounds of the university founding church, ZAOGAFIF, for the purpose of common witness and service to students and staff;

- Coordinating the University choir where students are encouraged to participate;

- Sourcing, writing and distributing devotional material and Christian literature to students and staff;

- Conducting baptisms (water and Holy Spirit baptism) to students and staff who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

- Participate in the formal occasions in the life of the university such as new students orientation, university special ceremonies like graduation, and other special services

- Training students and staff leading Christian groups to develop their leadership skills

- Assisting students on campus to go out on community outreaches within the neighbouring suburbs and to the neighbouring rural communities preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Identifying and recommending needy and underprivileged students for financial support



The chaplaincy is confident that:

- The word of God empowered by the Holy Spirit is sufficient to accomplish the work of God in mankind, that’s why we encourage all believers to be baptised in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking with other tongues.

- Only God can change a person’s heart through the word and the Holy Spirit

- Only God can save sinners through the conviction of the Holy Spirit

- Only God through the power of the word can generate in a person faith to believe the gospel.

- Only through repentance by believing the word of God and acknowledging Christ as Lord and Saviour can a person experience spiritual transformation.

Its job is simply to announce the good news to mankind through preaching, teaching and worship and the Holy Spirit will perform the transformation in a person.

Which is why as Chaplaincy we want the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit to be evident in all our work and the Scriptures to be central in all we do — in our sermons, in our singing, in our service to others. Thus as Chaplaincy we strive to make the ZEGU Community to be a Pentecostal, Christ-centred, Bible based, mission minded, pilgrim people who are passionately and prayerfully committed to manifest God love in their lives.



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