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Principal Officers


Prof. Ezekiel H. Guti
Bachelor of Christian Education | Doctorate (Northgate Graduate School, USA) PhD in Religion | D.Min |DD | MA |BA
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Vice Chancellor

Prof. Christopher J. Chetsanga
Ph.D Molecular Biology-University of Toronto, Canada MSc. in Biochemistry-University of Toronto, Canada BSc. degree at the University of California, Berkeley and Pepperdine University in California, USA
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Executive Director

Dr Joseph Guti

Pro Vice Chancellor

Prof. Inoccent Chirisa
PhD (Regional and Urban Planning from the University of the Free State, South Africa)
DPhil (Social Sciences, University of Zimbabwe)
Postgraduate Diploma (Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularisation, Institute for Housing and Urban Development (IHS at Erasmus University, The Netherlands)
MSc and BSc (Rural and Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe)
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Mr Innocent Chinyemba
Masters Degree in Public Management (National University of Science and Technology: Zimbabwe)
Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Economics (University of Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe)
Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ: Zimbabwe)
Certificate in Management of Higher Education Institutions (Galilee International Management Institute: Israel)
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Mrs Abigail Nyahangare
Bcompt Financial Accounting (UNISA)
Higher National Diploma(SAAA)
Diploma in Theology(AMFCC)
Currently studying ACCA
Studying towards MBA (MSU)
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Ms Mildred Gwangu
BSc.(Hons) Lib & Info Science (NUST)
MSc. Lib and Info Science (NUST)
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