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Department of Education and Leadership Development
W. Muchabaiwa,

To produce teachers and leaders who are well grounded in the theory and practice of Education with the ability to apply techno-based pedagogy


The department offers contemporary, practical and theoretical pedagogical skills through interactive and integrated teaching approaches.

Lecturer Profiles

Ms M. Kanda,
MED E.C.E (UZ) Zimbabwe 2012
BED E.C.E (UZ) Zimbabwe 2009
Diploma in Education (Infant) (UZ) Zimbabwe (2002)

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Dr G. Jakachira,
DEd Socio-Education UNISA- (2020)
MSc Sociology and Social Anthropology, UZ, (2011)
MEd Sociology -UZ, (2008)
BA General -UNISA, (1999);
Dip Ed Primary -UZ, (1992)

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Dr Pfuurai Chimbunde,
PhD Social Science Education: UKZN, South Africa:( 2019)
M.Ed.: (Sociology) GZU, Zimbabwe: (2014)
B.Ed. (Primary) Masvingo State University, Zimbabwe: (2005)
Dip. ED, UZ, Zimbabwe: (1999)

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Mr Onias Musaniwa,
MED Educational Foundations (Psychology) –UZ Zimbabwe (2008)
Bed Primary-Masvingo State University –Zimbabwe (2004)
Diploma in Education (Primary) –UZ Zimbabwe (1999)

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Ms Jane Kundai Chingarande,
MED (Honors) Sociology : GZU, Zimbabwe (2019)
BED (Honors) Sociology: ZEGU. Zimbabwe (2017)
Diploma in Education: Bondolfi Teacher’s College: Zimbabwe, UZ (1992)

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Dr Bernard Chingwanangwana,
PhD Educational Leadership, Witwatersrand, South Africa ( 2019)
Master of Education, Educational Administration, UZ, Zimbabwe, (2002)
Bachelor of Education, UZ, Zimbabwe, (1997)
Certificate in Education, UZ, Zimbabwe (1989)

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