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Chaplaincy Services

Chaplaincy Department
Chaplain  Pastor H.Magumuye


To produce born again, spirit filled and God-fearing professionals, full of the word of God with the values of Unhu/Ubuntu, who are able to impact the nation and world for Christ.



The Chaplaincy serves to minister effectively to the spiritual and social needs of the university community through the accompaniment of individual staff members and their families and students in their faith journeys towards spiritual maturity and fulfilment of their God ordained purpose, through its unique role of providing spiritual guidance, counselling, prayers, teaching of the word of God, and other pastoral care systems to students, staff and families of the ZEGU community.



The Chaplain’s services seek to encourage and instil a spirit of love, faith, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, accountability, responsibility, respect (for all), participation, transparency, self-discipline, hard work and striving for excellence (a total person) and full commitment to God in both students and staff



The Department of Chaplaincy serves as one of the departments in the university operating:

·        To plan and monitor the conducting of weekly morning devotions attended by both students and staff.

·        To minister to the spiritual needs of the entire university (students and staff and their families) during church services, celebrations and in times of trauma, indecision, sickness, bereavement or distress and to officiate at ceremonies honouring the ending of life, birth or moments of marriage covenant (weddings).  The Chaplain coordinates and conducts university campus community services, special ceremonies and Christian associations.

·        To facilitate and coordinate spiritual activities that will contribute to wholeness relationships, create an atmosphere of religious tolerance and cooperation among the diverse Christian backgrounds of members of the campus community

·        To promote Christian nature and spiritual life within the specific beliefs and backgrounds of the university founding church, ZAOGAFIF, for the purpose of common witness and service to students and staff;

·        To coordinate the University choir and band where students are encouraged to participate;

·        To assist with management of the Staff Bereavement Fund, a fund raised to assist staff in times of bereavement due to loss of a beloved one or staff itself.

·        To source and distribute devotional material and Christian literature to students and staff;

·        To conduct baptisms (water and Holy Spirit baptism) for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

·        To participate in the formal occasion in the life of the university such as new students’ orientation, university special ceremonies like graduation, and other special services

·        To assist students on campus to go out on community outreaches within the neighbouring suburbs and to the neighbouring rural communities preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.

·        To identify and source for support for needy and underprivileged students.


Chaplaincy strategy

The chaplaincy is confident that:

·        The word of God empowered by the Holy Spirit is sufficient to accomplish the work of God in mankind

·        Only God can change a person’s heart through the word and the Holy Spirit

·        Only God can save sinners through the conviction of the Holy Spirit

·        Only God through the power of the word can generate in a person faith to believe the gospel.

·        Its job is simply to announce good news to mankind through preaching, teaching and worship

Which is why as chaplaincy we want the Scriptures to be central in all we do — in our sermons, in our singing, in our service to others. Thus at ZEGU we strive to be a Christ-centred, Bible based, mission minded, pilgrim people who are passionately and prayerfully committed to making much of God in all of life.


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Chaplaincy Department

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