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Faculty of Science, Technology, Agric & Food Systems Development

Mr Justin Makota,

Dean of Faculty

Master of Science in Information System Management -MSU (2015)
Bachelor of Science Honours in Information System- MSU (2008)

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Dean's Statement

Welcome to Faculty of Health, Science and Technology. Our Vision is to be a leading innovative and research intensive faculty globally. Its mandate is to advance knowledge to our students in a socially good technology based problem solving skills. Programmes are developed and designed basing on evolving technological trends that will equip the graduates with skills and knowledge to achieve Education 5.0. Faculty of Health Science and Technology has three departments Information Systems, Computer Science and Agri- Busines


To be a leading innovative and research intensive faculty globally, through imparting technoprenuerial, technical and problem solving skills


Faculty of Health, Science and Technology seeks to equip its students with advanced innovative technology based problem solving skills with a Christian background. The Faculty of Health, Science and Technology endeavor to:  Create a good learning environment that will foster innovativeness and creativeness in students through blended learning and engagements.  Create synergies in technical researches between students and business entities  Offer leadership development through moral Christian based environment




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